Kathleen Womack, Attorney at Law
Experienced, Competent, Compassionate, Caring Service to Clients in Georgia since 1986
With an emphasis on serving the distinct legal needs of the
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender LGBTQ Community

Domestic Partnership Wills & Planning Probates
Whether you seek representation to protect your domestic partnership or same-sex marriage, Kathleen Womack is your dedicated legal domestic partnership professional. Create a Will or plan your estate with an attorney that understands the unique needs of the LGBT community, unmarried straight couples, or married opposite sex couples. Together, we will create documents that place your loved ones first in any event. Kathleen makes the process easy! Dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult, but navigating the probate of their Last Will and Testament or handling the probate of their Estate if they died without a Will is as simple as reaching out to Kathleen Womack Attorney at Law for caring, competent, and compassionate probate assistance.

Kathleen Womack Attorney at Law

Kathleen Womack, Attorney at Law, is ready to protect, represent, and assist members of the LGBT community around Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1986, she has practiced law and served a variety of families, couples, and individuals. Trust her with your Last Will and Testament, or create documents designed to place authority in the hands of those that matter most. Kathleen is a leader in the Georgia legal community.

Contact Kathleen Womack Attorney at Law today to receive attentive, specialized care from an experienced LGBTQ Attorney.


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