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Experienced Assistance for Domestic Partnership Issues and LGBTQ Estate Planning

Kathleen Womack Attorney at Law of Atlanta, Georgia, understands the unique needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBTQ residents. The majority of her legal practice deals with Estate Planning, Domestic Partnership issues, and Probate for the LGBT community. She will ensure that you and your loved ones receive the respect and rights you deserve. Since graduation from Emory University School of Law in 1986, she has been representing LGBTQ individuals and couples with their legal needs.

Protecting Your Family of Choice
If same-sex couples choose not to marry each other, they must find other ways to protect their relationships and their families. Without proper estate planning preparation, state law may grant important rights and privileges to your biological relatives, to the exclusion of your domestic partner.

Legal Preparedness - Domestic Partner Package
Lesbian and gay LGBT couples may choose several documents to protect their important relationships. The basic Domestic Partner Package consists of a Last Will and Testament, Georgia Advance Directive for Health Care, and Durable Financial Power of Attorney. By signing these Domestic Partner Package documents, you and your loved one gain the power to protect your legal, medical, and financial affairs from control by your biological families. Otherwise you may find yourself excluded from your domestic partner's hospital room, denied the ability to plan or be included in your domestic partner's funeral, or find yourself locked out of your home because you were not legally protected. Once a crisis happens, it is too late to fix the situation. Don't leave your domestic partner at the mercy of your family or the laws of the State of Georgia. Call Kathleen today at 404-368-1323 to get your legal estate planning affairs in order.

Domestic Partnership Drafting

Kathleen is ready to help you draft your domestic partnership agreements. Even though Same Sex Marriage is now recognized in Georgia and around the country, many same sex and some opposite sex couples choose to remain unmarried. Those unmarried couples are still considered "Domestic Partners", and do not have the legal rights recognized by married couples. Those involved in domestic partnerships need an added level of financial and personal protection created by legal documents. Your verbal  mutual agreements on these important matters may not safeguard you from future disputes and may not be enforceable. The best protection would be for the same sex or opposite sex unmarried couples to execute Domestic Partner Agreements, Co-habitation Agreements, Joint Property Agreements, or Prenuptial Agreements to protect each partner's individual rights in the event of a Domestic Partner dissolution.

Name Change Petitions
Many couples wish to share the same last name, particularly when minor children are involved. This process involves filing a verified name change petition in the Superior Court of the county of your residence, followed by a court appearance after a thirty day waiting period.

Transgender Issues - Name Changes and new Birth Certificates
It is important that Transgender individuals be able to deal with an attorney that is sensitive to their particular needs. Kathleen has handled multiple name change petitions in Superior Courts in Georgia, for both male to female, and female to male transgender individuals. To change the gender on a Georgia birth certificate, you must have a sworn statement from your surgeon indicating that your gender has been changed by surgical procedure, as well as a court order finding there has been a change of gender by surgical procedure. We can file the paperwork for you to obtain the necessary court order to submit to the Georgia Department of Vital Records to have a new birth certificate issued with the correct gender designation and name, with no reference to the past name and/or gender.

Same Sex Marriage, Gay Marriage, Civil Unions, and Domestic Partnerships in Georgia
Same Sex marriage finally became legally recognized in Georgia since the United States Supreme Court decision June 26, 2015. It is important for all same sex married couples who already have estate planning documents to make sure that the change in the legal recognition of their same sex marriage did not affect the validity of any of their current documents. All unmarried Lesbian and gay couples are still considered to be "domestic partners" and are still without any legal rights, except for those rights granted to them by executing estate planning legal documents. To obtain any protections for their relationships under the laws of the State of Georgia, such as inheritance and hospital visitation rights, couples must enter into the basic written documents described in the basic Domestic Partner Package referenced above. Being registered as Domestic Partners in any city or county, or having entered into a Civil Union in another state does not give a same sex couple the legal rights as being legally married.


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